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Black cat on a black background

- tone, absence of light flux from an object. In the RGB system it is designated as #000000. Shades of black are called grey.

As of 2014, the blackest substance in the world is Vantablack.

How to properly place black in the interior

Black is a classic, although not quite common for decorating rooms in everyday life. But if you approach this issue wisely, you can create a very stylish and elegant room.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the black color of the walls will suit the vast majority of style solutions for the interior of the room.

So black walls can be used in the following styles:

  • Classical.
  • Neoclassical.
  • Modern.
  • High tech.
  • Loft.
  • Rococo.
  • Baroque.
  • Ethno style.
  • Oriental.
  • Japanese.
  • Chinese.
  • Boho.
  • Provence - only in the case of strictly dosed use of black in combination with a large number of light colors.
  • Each of the above styles, black can decorate and present in the most favorable light.

What color combinations look good with black?

A black wall in the interior will be an excellent basis for any other color spots.

There are no restrictions on the colors used. These can be either light pastel colors or bright flashy electric colors, for example, bright fuchsia or light green-lemon.

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Here, speaking about color combinations, it is worth focusing more on the style that will be implemented in the room.

For example, a black wall in combination with gold or silver, as well as warm beige tones, is perfect for a classic or modern style.

Then, black heavily diluted with delicate pastel shades will create a Provence style.

Black walls in the apartment, in combination with rich, bright, close to spectral tones, colors are an excellent basis for the boho, oriental, loft, hi-tech style.

Combination of black with other colors

Black, as a base tone, can be combined with any color, but the most promising, juicy and attractive directions can be highlighted. The main contrasts in the combinations will be light and heat, since the tone is extremely dark and extremely cold. We are looking at pairs with a deep black tone, but combinations with a less harsh shade may be different. Pastel shades will make up the most expressive, flashy palettes, while rich colors will be filled with inner light.

Black combines with pink to form a scandalous pair. The tenderness of pink and the strength of emptiness contradict each other, scattering to different poles, endowing the composition with increased emotionality. This couple became a symbol of the Emo movement: teenagers prone to hysteria and suicide. If you add the described tone to the pink as a supporting element, then the aesthetics of the combination will increase. Consider a combination with white and pink, sakura, lilac, Barbie, fuchsia.

The combination of black and red is a strong and disturbing pair. Red, like a living, warm tone against the backdrop of cold, lifeless darkness, looks like a lit fire illuminating the void. The feeling of tension increases with the “fading” of red: with darker dark red, burgundy shades, but the colder the tone (with an admixture of purple: ruby, wine) of the second, the closer the composition is to spiritual balance. The palette is composed of scarlet, cardinal, ruby, red earth, wine.

The color combination of black and orange is full of determination. Although orange is just as warm as red, and when combined with a base color it maintains the same contrasts, its effect is more positive than ominous. This may be due to the fact that the orange is not darkened by the black and it cannot absorb it like the burgundy conversion. The darkest orange tones are equal to medium-dark reds, but they have minimal black content. Therefore, the orange “fire” burns cheerfully in the darkness, symbolizing Halloween. The most successful pairs for you are light peach, orange-coral, bright orange, fiery, red-orange.

How to combine black with yellow, gold - dangerous or chic. Saturated yellow shades next to the described tone create a screaming pair, which in nature indicates the danger of a poisonous animal or insect. A bright, catchy combination, wherever it is, looks defiant and graceful. However, gold fade is nicer for black. This is no longer a danger, but an eye-catching look with a chic bow. Black and gold is always chic, luxurious, bohemian - a powerful tool for creating an atmosphere. The color range consists of pale gold, honey, corn, yellow gold, bright gold.

The combination of black and warm green is catchy and exotic. In nature, these can be tropical insects or reptiles. The composition is a little calmer than the previous one, since green itself is darker and less bright than yellow, but still, a pronounced thermal contrast remains, and with the darkening of the color of the pair, the “toxicity” decreases towards a soft balance. Consider compositions with pistachio, yellow-green, moss, pine, dark green.

Black with cold green: a piercing combination. Ice green, especially strong and medium light create a bright light contrast, and the cold direction of the colors makes you freeze. It’s like a flickering in the dark, in the depths: alluring, distant. More saturated tones gain additional richness. The darker they are, the less striking the contrast. The palette includes the color of water, menthol, mint, patina, malachite.

Black and blue, blue are combined in the cold depths of space or the depths of the sea. Deep against the background of darkness it looks like a star, thickening to blue and transforming into twilight. Such combinations can make you stop and think about the eternal. The darker the blue, the more black absorbs it; they intertwine harmoniously, creating additional blue-black shades. For example, combinations with aquamarine, cyan, royal blue, Prussian blue, sapphire.

The combination of black and purple has transcendental roots. Violet and purple shades are shrouded in a mystical fog and the mysterious dark is a good companion for them. Black gives violet richness, confidence, strength, and as the last wave in the spectrum, going beyond our visibility, it intertwines with the main tone in a harmonious union. The color scheme consists of blue-violet, thistle, lilac, purple, and grape.

Black is combined with brown in a natural, soft palette, where light tones close to orange look relaxed, and darker ones create the impression of a gradient, going into deep shadow. The combination with brown does not have a high contrast, it creates a feeling of harmony and unity with nature. Consider a combination with cinnamon, tan, red-brown, tea, dark chocolate.

The combination of black with white, beige and gray are classic, neutral pairs in which the emphasis will shift depending on the size of the color spot. Saturated light contrast, judging priorities, forces you to concentrate on the shape of the object, in which the main color is the shadow, and the neutral light ones are the highlights. The palette consists of milk, platinum, latte, marengo, and silver.


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  • Mira

    May 18, 2020, 19:54

    Purple and black, very good combination

In what rooms should I use black?

If we talk about those rooms in which black color can be used, then this is most likely the living room and bedroom for adults.

You should not choose black for a children's room, as it can have a depressing effect on the child's psyche.

You also need to be careful with black in the kitchen, as it is too gloomy and does not bring the required warmth.

The only case when you can afford to use black in the kitchen is a large kitchen-dining room in a private house with large windows and an existing fireplace.

In this case, a sufficient amount of daylight and heat from the fire will dilute the gloom of black and bring a stylish touch to the design of the dining room.

Black is a bad color for a car. Is it white...

The other day we got some funny information: they say that the “blackest BMW in the world” will be brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its coating is capable of absorbing 99.965% of radiation incident on it - from visible light to micro- and radio waves. The human eye defines it as almost absolute darkness.

Options for decorating black walls

To refresh a black wall, you can use various decor options. Black and white photographs in light or silver frames are perfect.

Fabric panels in a wide variety of color variations can be used as decoration. In this case, drawings on black walls will enliven the space by introducing a certain mood into it.

It is worth remembering that decorating the walls with black is not a completely standard solution, requiring a certain courage from the homeowner.

If there are any doubts, then before decorating the interior in this way, you should familiarize yourself with photos of black walls, which can be found in abundance on the Internet.

Selection and combination of shades

If you plan to have several black objects in the interior, it is almost always better if their shades are the same or very similar.

In the photo you see an interior in which all the shades are from one collection.

And it looks harmonious, although, admittedly, quite boring. This boring interiors, in which a lot of black is used, is their main drawback.

On the other hand, if you choose different shades, they will almost certainly conflict.

Like in the photo on the left, where the fireplace has a cold tint and the table is warm. If you stand with your back to the fireplace and look at the table, then there is nothing wrong, but if the table and the fireplace are on the same line of sight, as in the photo, then the difference in shades is very noticeable and unpleasant.

Therefore, the choice turns out to be something like this - either a more austere look, but almost certainly boring and lifeless, or a dissonant variety of shades, or - less black! Use not 4-6 black objects, but 2-3 objects in one shade. So:

it is better to choose the same shade for all interior objects

if there are a lot of black objects, it will make the interior very boring

therefore, it is better to have few black objects, but in one shade

The photos below illustrate another important rule. Look at the texture of the walls.

In the photo on the left there is a glossy chocolate shade, in the photo on the right it is matte. Notice how much deeper, more beautiful and shimmery the shade is in the photo on the left compared to the matte chocolate black in the photo on the right. This is a very important point:

Glossy black almost always looks nicer and deeper than matte

gloss reveals a shade of black

In the photo we see a wonderful illustration. Different shades of black are used here: a rug with a rough texture, a matte leather banquette and a decorative pillow. As you can see, the stronger the gloss, the more interesting the shade - the carpet is completely dull, the banquette is already more interesting, and the pillow has a beautiful reflection of a purple tint.

It’s a pity that the dark floor doesn’t make it possible to see the play of shades better, but the main thing is clear – the rough texture makes the color much duller.

Photo of black walls

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