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Golden wallpaper for walls is associated with aristocracy, luxury, and respectability. This color gives joy and warmth, and the interior in this range always looks noble, solemn and elegant. But at the same time, in order to avoid excessive pomp and pretentiousness in the design, gold should be used very carefully, thinking through all the design details.

And in the article we will tell you how to choose the right gold wallpaper for walls and not overload the space, in which rooms it is better to use it, what to combine it with, and of course, we will present photo examples with interesting ideas.

In the interior

The golden color is very complex and multifaceted: from a calm, muted yellow to a rich, almost brown. Wallpaper with gold on the wall has a characteristic metallic sheen; it is this feature that allows you to create a dynamic interior that changes depending on the degree of lighting. In the morning it is a light and bewitching glow; in the light of lamps there is a rich, bright shine, and in dim lighting and in the evening there are muted reflections that shimmer beautifully on the walls.

Dark wallpaper with gold

Gold wallpaper in the interior, photo of luxurious, but at the same time discreet room design

Gold wallpaper for walls can be called universal; they are suitable for creating most styles:

  • high-tech and minimalism - smooth monochrome texture;
  • Art Nouveau is plain wallpaper, textured with raised patterns of the same color;
  • classic - patterns on a green, blue, red background;
  • Rococo - white canvas with gold monograms;
  • art deco - chocolate, burgundy or black with ornaments;
  • Mediterranean - light, yellow-beige wallpaper with a dull sheen;
  • oriental style - bright background and large gold pattern;
  • Japanese - dark sand or almost brown textured fabric with rare gold veins.

Golden wallpaper in the interior, photo of living room design in a classic style

The modern market offers a huge assortment of gold wallpaper. If we look through the catalog of samples from different companies, then we can choose colors with a gold pattern for constructivism, and for Provence - pastel colors with small flowers, and for a romantic style, for example, blue with goldfish, or turquoise with a floral pattern.

In order not to overload the interior, it is recommended to combine wallpaper with a pattern and monochrome canvases

Combination of black and gold

Combination of black and gold

Today I created a wonderful piece of jewelry made of black onyx, BLACK!)

My favorite color !)

I decided to tell you a little about the combination of black and gold and show you some beautiful photos!)

Enjoy watching)

The dramatic combination of black and gold is a favorite option for many.

Black color is one of the most mysterious and mystical in the entire color scheme. This is due to the fact that black literally attracts people and does not let go of his power. On the one hand, this color is like a promise that “everything will be fine, quiet and calm.” On the other hand, it is worth remembering that black is often associated with death and mourning. He, like death, whispers about peace and quiet, but final and irrevocable peace.

Although black has many negative characteristics, in our world this color has long become a symbol of wealth. The most luxurious outfits are created in black shades. Remember the famous little black dress of the great Coco Chanel, which brought her worldwide fame. The most expensive car models are often also black.

And interiors decorated in a black palette always fascinate and attract attention.

Black and gold is a symbol of wealth and luxurious life, this combination perfectly personifies the mood. It so happens that gold looks more appropriate than silver during the holidays.

A combination, at first glance, associated with a spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar... Or vice versa... no! Exactly. A pearl should be small, even microscopic, against the backdrop of the vast world.

Of course, comparing the surrounding reality with tar... To put it mildly, it is not entirely decent in relation to others, but whatever one may say, this is a certain point of view. And in fairness, let’s say that the logic in this point of view is ironclad.

Black is one of the oldest colors that has been used by man in creativity. Coal from the fire was always available and served as the first feather for the first talent. As is commonly believed, black was one of the three primary colors: black, red and white. Red blood is life. White milk is strength and black earth is homeland. Like that. But there are some golden splashes on a black background - space. The Universe, if you like, is the understanding of the Creator. Or, at least, just a starry sky.

This combination is inevitably aimed at developing mental abilities. This is meditation. This is an endless nagual with small islands of tonal awareness according to the theory of Carlos Castaneda. And such a transcendental understanding of the essence of things leads to the ability to concentrate on the goal and the intention to get what you have in mind...

How to choose

Gold-colored wallpaper in the interior is suitable for those who strive for luxury, palace aesthetics, and an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. To create a stylish design that demonstrates the good taste of the home owners, you must follow several rules.

Gold and red look solemn and pompous

The most important thing is a sense of proportion; gold should not overwhelm the rest of the finishing elements; it is better if the proportion is 1 to 3. It is also necessary to clearly check the style; here you should carefully select the shade, pattern and texture of the wallpaper. And finally, the unity of interior design, which requires that all decorative elements must harmoniously resonate with each other.

And vice versa, burgundy canvas with gold looks restrained and noble

Of course, the interior of a room with golden wallpaper can be made in an eclectic style, but such a design solution is difficult to implement on your own; it is better to turn to professionals. But if you feel that you are up to this task, before you buy wallpaper, look through the catalogs, there you will find many interesting ideas for combining canvases. Gold-effect wallpaper in the interior should be selected very carefully; it can look completely different in rooms with different functionalities.

Textile wallpaper, gold and black, a clearly thought-out shade of the ornament refreshes the interior


In the bedroom, gold wallpaper will serve as an excellent basis for creating art deco, baroque, rococo, and oriental style. For light and light interiors, you should choose a canvas with a light background: white, beige, pastel colors with a gold pattern, complement them with textiles to match the main colors and furniture, its color is best matched to the design style.

Gold wallpaper in the bedroom, photo of color combinations, light background lightens the interior

For example, white wallpaper with a gold pattern looks good in combination with a white bedroom set and gold curtains, bedspreads, and decorative pillows. And beige-gold wallpaper goes perfectly with dark furniture.

For creating boudoirs, burgundy wallpaper with a gold pattern is ideal; in addition to burgundy, the background can be blue or even black.

Blue and gold wallpaper goes well with monochrome furniture and textiles

This design is successful in large rooms; for small bedrooms, light or monochrome finishes are more suitable.

Muted colors create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility

Living room

In the living room, most often they try to create a classic interior or in the Art Nouveau style. Here, golden wallpaper helps create an atmosphere of aristocracy, luxury and presentability. As a rule, they make one accent wall with an ornament on a colored background, and the remaining walls are covered with plain or textured canvas.

An accent wall with gold decor will decorate the interior

If the walls are decorated with a monochrome fabric, then dark furniture is very appropriate in such an interior: modern from innovative materials, wooden in a classic design or with upholstery to match the finish.

Diamonds on gold wallpaper are balanced by smooth lines of furniture

For a hall covered with colored wallpaper with gold decor, the furnishings will have to be selected more carefully.

Colored wallpaper with gold should be balanced with laconic-shaped furniture with plain upholstery

Other options

Of course, gold wallpaper is used to decorate kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. There is one rule here: since these are small rooms, the wallpaper should not be dark, preferably without a colored background, but an ornament to match the main gold color.

In small spaces, gold wallpaper is best combined with pastel-colored furniture

Most often, monochrome textured canvases are used in these rooms and complemented with contrasting decor and furniture.

An ornament to match the wallpaper will decorate the room, and plain, simple furniture will emphasize the nobility of the interior.

It is also important for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways to buy washable vinyl wallpaper so that they are easy to care for.

Features of the interior with golden wallpaper

Just look at the photos of interiors that use golden wallpaper to be convinced of their ability to provide a room with a touch of royal grandeur. The attractiveness and expressiveness of this design are undeniable. However, you need to be careful when choosing a company for such finishing if you want to achieve sophisticated chic rather than tasteless flashy luxury.

Professional interior designers claim that golden shades should not exceed a third of the entire space in the design. Therefore, the remaining elements in a room covered with such wallpaper must be selected carefully. Especially if gilding decorates furniture, chandelier pendants, sconce brackets, figurines and candlesticks covered with this material are used in the decor.

The choice of interior items to go with golden wallpaper largely depends on the features of the finish. This shade can occupy the entire area of ​​the wallpaper or be used only for drawings on a calm background. The brightness of walls completely covered in golden color should be calmed down with neutral tones. Wallpaper on which a pattern in this shade stands out requires support in the form of objects with golden, gilded elements.

Combination of gold color with other shades

An interior with gold requires a perfect combination with other shades. Like any warm shade, gold goes well with all light colors. In this case, it will give the room additional radiance and spaciousness. If the room is dominated by white, peach, beige or light gray shades, it is best to highlight several elements with gold. These can be accessories, dishes, figurines, textiles, etc.

Interior with gold photo

The combination of gold in the interior

The combination of gold in the interior fits perfectly with the strict chocolate and terracotta palette. If the room has wooden furniture, brown bedspreads or curtains, gold will add additional light and shine. In this case, you can choose gold wallpaper or wall decoration, curtains or accessories.

Golden curtains in the interior photo

However, the fashionable black and gold interior looks especially stylish and catchy. It is desirable that black color still predominates in this duet. For example, if the room has dark floors and light walls, a black set decorated with gold elements, golden curtains and dark bedspreads interspersed with gold will give an atmosphere of luxury and originality. This combination is beautiful in itself, so other shades need to be selected quite carefully. It is advisable to abandon flashy shades in favor of pastel colors.

Gold wallpaper in the interior

Black gold interior

Also, gold color goes well with purple, cherry, blue and turquoise shades.

Golden curtains in the interior

Combination of gold color in the interior

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