Blue bathroom (45 photos): interior subtleties

A bathroom made in blue has always been considered a kind of classic. Previously it was just using blue bathroom tiles. Nowadays, the use of shades of blue in the bathroom is associated with many decor styles.

Mostly blue is associated with the sky or calm water. In this article we will discuss options for using blue color in the interior of various bathrooms.

Blue color and its effect on humans

From a physiological point of view, blue color has a huge impact on humans. Science has proven that staying in a blue room for a long time helps lower blood pressure. This color has a beneficial effect in the treatment of inflammatory eye diseases, burns, migraines and, oddly enough, baldness. Blue color is a growth stimulator and also an excellent protector against bacteria.

blue mosaic in the interior of a bathroom always looks stylish and fashionable

Blue color calms and stabilizes the nervous system. However, this color is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, as well as calm individuals. For people who are too active, the color blue will come to the rescue, cooling down their ardor and helping to control their emotions. There is an opinion that spending a long time in a dark blue room can cause depression, cause a feeling of apathy and, possibly, panic. It is worth remembering that the color blue has a large number of shades, each of which has a different effect on a person.

Choosing a style for the bathroom

Blue color can be safely used in various styles:

  • classical;
  • high tech;
  • modern;
  • Mediterranean;
  • retro.

And before you settle on certain color schemes, you need to decide on the future style of the bathroom.

Classic , in bathroom design, is most often characterized by a large room. Here you should use eco-friendly materials of exceptional quality: sanitary ware made from high-quality porcelain, natural stones, etc.

Classic bathroom in an apartment

High-tech style takes pride of place in the interior of a modern person. It is characterized by fairly aggressive and harsh conditions. The main characteristics are:

  • minimalism;
  • straight lines;
  • the latest technologies, materials, interior items, etc.;
  • use of glass and metal objects.

Modern blue bathroom in high-tech style
The Mediterranean style itself implies the presence of associations with seascapes in the interior. Handmade furniture will fit perfectly into such an interior. As for the color palette, white and blue tones will be relevant; you can also use various warm colors. All kinds of ethnic ornaments will come in handy.

How to choose shades for a blue bathroom

“You need to be extremely careful when using a blue palette in the bathroom, otherwise you can plunge yourself into unwanted depression if you are often in a room decorated with its tones.”

It's hard to believe, but the color blue has about 30 different shades. They are conventionally divided into warm (blue) and cold (blue and dark blue). Today, the most popular are turquoise, blue, aquamarine, classic blue, sapphire and, of course, ultramarine.

bathroom design in turquoise color

All shades of blue have a particular similarity to the color green, in terms of their impact on the human psyche. They help in the fight against insomnia, relieve fatigue and have a relaxing “effect”. But still, there must be moderation in everything.

Medium shades of blue are very calming and also add freshness to any room.

But dark blue shades are very insidious. You need to be extremely careful when using a blue palette in the bathroom, otherwise you can plunge yourself into unwanted depression if you are often in a room decorated with its tones. However, shades of blue can be used to distribute accents, thereby completely eliminating black from the interior.

Natural wood furniture creates a warm atmosphere in the interior of a blue bathroom

Finishes and materials

When decorating a bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the moisture resistance of materials. If the coatings do not withstand high air humidity and easily tolerate contact with water, the repair will quickly become unusable.


The blue bathroom is reminiscent of the sea, the ocean. A rather bold design solution for nautical styles is to fill the floor with a 3D effect with a corresponding theme, and the owners can choose the pictures themselves. Such a floor will look catchy and unusual, it is easy to clean, resistant to water, although it may seem quite slippery when wet.

It is much easier and more common to finish the floor with tiles of the desired color. More often, matte surfaces with a light coating are used, which gives an anti-slip effect. You can make the tile blue or combine it with other colors in the form of stripes, checkered patterns, or interesting patterns.


The main tone of the bathroom is set by the walls, so their design needs to be given the greatest attention. The cheapest option for a blue bathroom is walls painted with moisture-resistant paint. And yet, most often the bathroom is finished with tiles, less often with PVC panels, and the latter can also have a variety of shades.

The larger the room, the larger the tiles can be. In a small bathroom it is better to use small tiles, which in a light version will visually expand the space. You can also cover the wall with mosaics of the same or different colors, for example, blue and white.


If the room is made in blue tones, it is better not to experiment and make the ceiling white. A suspended or panel ceiling in beige, cream, or light gray would also look good, but such options are only allowed for rooms of sufficient size. In large bathrooms, you can create entire structures of 2-3 levels of different shades, for example, combining white and blue. To ensure a light, floating feeling, such ceilings must be equipped with high-quality lighting.

How does blue combine with other colors?

“When choosing a color to create a tandem with blue in the bathroom interior, be guided by the fact that the second color should act as weights on the scales”

  1. Combination with white color

Classics of the genre! At the same time, unlike compositions with other colors, white should be present in a minimal amount, due to the fact that the blue color is lost against the background of white, and creating a blue bathroom interior will become very difficult. But you shouldn’t make radical conclusions, because this will not make the blue one boring and uninteresting, it will simply lose its flavor.

  1. Unusual tandem: blue and purple

An interesting combination that looks quite harmonious. These colors “match each other” perfectly due to the similarity of their palette. Light shades of purple will be an excellent complement to dark blue.

white furniture against dark blue walls in the bathroom

  1. A fun combination of blue, yellow and orange

These three colors can easily be called partner colors. Yellow and orange will add warmth, and blue, in turn, will act as a mental stabilizer. The tandem of blue and cream shades is also very popular.

  1. Relaxing tandem of blue and green

Have you long dreamed of being able to calm down without the use of drugs? Then your bathroom must be made in blue-green tones. It would be very helpful to use cool shades of blue and warm green; you can try the other way around. Today, many people prefer to see their bathroom in blue and turquoise tones.

combination of blue walls with green mosaic in the bathroom interior

  1. Dangerous combination of blue and black

Take extra care when combining these two colors. The bathroom will not become more beautiful by using dark blue and black. However, if you still want to choose just such a combination, use light shades of blue. This will add laconicism and rigor to the interior.

  1. Marine surroundings

It's probably no secret that a blue bathroom often evokes associations with the sea . In order to create a marine ambiance, mosaic tiles in blue and green shades are perfect. But the combination itself is a figment of your imagination; here a shade of turquoise, lapis lazuli, or just any blue can help. Mosaic tiles will give the interior lightness and a feeling of waves. And to finally plunge into the theme of the sea, you can choose various additional accessories in this style.

the original decor of the mirror allows you to create a themed marine bathroom design

  1. Bathroom in dark blue shades

A bathroom made in dark blue tones is perfect for active people and provides an opportunity to relax from oneself.
Being in a blue bathroom, a person practically plunges into the night life, relaxes and calms down. A design in this color will make a tremendous impression on others, so if your home has a bathroom for guests, it will be very useful to design it in these colors. Use additional accessories in gold tones and your bathroom will look richer. A very interesting solution would be to add furniture made of wood - wood brings a feeling of comfort. When choosing a color to create a tandem with blue in the bathroom interior, be guided by the fact that the second color should act as weights on the scales. For example, if you chose a dark blue color, then the “weight” for it should be a lighter shade. In this case, the exception to the rule will always be all shades of yellow.

monochrome blue bathroom interior design

Blue bathroom style

Blue color suits almost any style. It fits perfectly into modern, classic, minimalism, and ethnic style. The blue color is quite flexible in its use; with its help you can add solemnity, laconicism and modernity to the interior. If you decide to create a bathroom in blue, use several shades of it.

Bathroom in the style of “Ice Palace”

This is a special version of a bathroom in blue tones. For this bathroom design option, the best option would be to use mirror panels. You can also prefer natural or artificial stone. The ceiling should be white, and the color of the walls should convey the shades of the icy kingdom.

Add more themed accessories. Hang a mirror that looks like an ice floe on the wall. Let the sink be transparent, made of blue glass. Place tall vases in front of the entrance that match the color of the overall interior and more blue LEDs.

This way you can easily create a unique ice kingdom style. Coming to such a bathroom, all troubles are immediately forgotten. You seem to move away from the bustle of the world, finding yourself in your domain, like a real snow queen.

Don’t think that if you choose a blue design for your bathroom, it must be boring and monotonous.

After all, nowadays there are so many variations for combinations. These can be either different shades of blue or experiments with adding bright highlights. For example, bright red, orange, green, yellow and other accents will look great.

To make sure you don’t spoil anything or overdo it, you should use programs to create a project. These programs will allow you to select all the details online.

You will install everything for yourself, from the ceiling and walls to accessories and shelves. Having seen the three-dimensional model from the outside, you will understand what is missing or, on the contrary, too much in your idea.

Creating a blue bathroom interior

Plumbing fixtures for a blue bathroom must certainly be white . It will organically fit into a light blue and dark blue background.

As for the furniture, the choice is yours, but you shouldn’t overload the room so as not to cover the existing picture.

blue furniture in the bathroom

Blue bathroom light

A blue bathroom will sparkle with all its shades in bright, rich and at the same time warm light. It is better to distribute the light bulbs evenly around the entire perimeter of the bathroom, so as not to draw special attention to them and at the same time maintain functionality. Lighting is very relevant today - it brings a certain mystery to the interior.


An important addition to the interior is, of course, heated towel rails, mirrors, towel holders and the towels themselves. Again, stick to the nautical theme. Pebbles, shells, a bath curtain overlooking the ocean - what could be better?

blue accessories in the interior

Blue color in a small bathroom

Blue color is used in the design of small rooms in order to create a visual increase in the room. Thus, if you choose the right combination of light and dark shades of blue, you can make the bathroom larger. A small bathroom in blue can become larger.

When starting to design a small bathroom, the first thing you need to do is create a design project. With the help of an accurate design of the future interior, you can choose the most profitable solutions for yourself. Consider the various options, if necessary, refer to photos of various options for blue bathrooms.

Not only the combination of different shades, but also the use of glare will help save space. By adding various accessories you can also visually enlarge the room. Another solution is to use blue only at the top of the room.

If possible, you can use special mirror or matte panels in blue. The mirror version requires a little more care.

If mirror panels are chosen, the color should be light and soft. If you prefer matte tones, then choose the color to your taste, but not very dark.

Photo gallery – blue bathroom:

Selection of plumbing fixtures and furniture

Bathroom fixtures can be chosen in lighter blue tones. The sink and bathtub can be acrylic. The tabletop can be chosen from either natural or artificial stone in pastel colors.

Keep in mind that the furniture should not merge with the floor and walls, because... this makes the interior feel uncomfortable and empty.

White sanitary ware in a blue bathroom

Subtleties of bathroom decor

Bathroom design in a small apartment presents different design options. You shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of putting a beautiful mosaic panel on your wall. You can decorate the bathroom with small seascapes, images of the underwater world, monochrome compositions with trees, lotuses, bamboo in the style of Japanese prints. Photos of possible options for panels and paintings can be found in online stores specializing in finishing materials.

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Important! When decorating a small room with a panel or painting, all other design elements must be in the same style and color. Wall tiles should only be glossy or matte, of the same size - medium or large - without additional patterns or relief.

Interior design of a spacious bathroom

The design of a bathroom in blue tones in a large apartment allows you to play with a variety of color compositions, but it is important not to overdo it. You can decorate the walls with tiles of any size, decorate the room with large panels, use blue tones with deep blue, cobalt, royal blue, ash blue, ultramarine. Bold contrasting combinations with purple, sand, pink, yellow, red, emerald green are acceptable.

  • A wall lined from floor to ceiling with photo tiles with a three-dimensional image looks impressive. You can choose wall panels in antique, marine, classical, ethnic styles, voluminous 3D photos of waterfalls, images of Venice or Holland canals, and marine life.
  • When choosing photo tiles for a blue bathroom, you must adhere to the principle of a harmonious combination for visual perception, so that the picture does not become an unnecessary, annoying element. You should not use a multi-color composition - three tones are enough. You can select any images for the bathroom from photos on online shopping sites.

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