How to use red and red wallpaper indoors

To create a unique interior, all details are thought through, including the color and pattern of wallpaper.
Renovating apartments and houses is quite labor-intensive and requires careful preparation and a thorough approach. This also applies to the choice of wallpaper, which should decorate the interior with its appearance. In fact, they are the basis of the interior, so choosing the right pattern and color of wallpaper is an important task that faces the owner or designer when starting interior decoration.

When appropriate

Some people use this combination in everyday style. Dark nails look casual, stylishly discreet. Others prefer to use them the night before parties. For some reason, many people associate this design with a vamp woman from star discos.

Why is this happening?

Black and red style is appropriate everywhere and at any time. The main thing is to choose the right plate shape, length and decoration methods:

  1. For everyday life, French, checkerboard, and geometry are good. Shape – square or oval, length – medium.
  2. These colors are also suitable for special occasions, only decorated with rhinestones and sparkles. Shape – oval, rectangular, length – longer than average.

By following these guidelines, you will never find yourself in an awkward situation. And your look will be stylishly complemented by black and red marigolds.

The marble design looks special.


This design is chosen by girls of a passionate nature and those who want to attract attention. This season, this combination is considered fashionable, especially in a moon manicure or a French manicure. The option of craquelure and stylization with broths looks interesting and special.

The creation technique is very simple:

  1. First, the protection (base) is applied.
  2. Then the background is black and red.
  3. Framed with selected decor.
  4. The final is considered to be securing with the top.

This design of marigolds, framed with bouillons, rhinestones, gold, and silver, looks original, feminine, and elegant, so it is suitable for any celebration, youth party, or wedding.

Red this season looks softened and non-aggressive, as some may think. On trend: scarlet, dawn color, tones mixed with burgundy, coral and crimson shades.

The advantages of the red palette

Red wallpaper for walls will be a powerful stimulator of mental activity and physical activity. Human consciousness simply cannot ignore scarlet tones. Virtually all representatives of this color category (in particular pink, purple, terracotta shades) personify joy, solemnity, pretentiousness and positivity.

Beautiful red wallpaper of any type and texture perfectly complements virtually any interior, giving the composition special sophistication and respectability. They go well with any finishing materials, furniture of different formats, and add a special shine to textile additions in the interior.

Gel polish design: trends and new products 2020

Stylists recommend painting your nails in this combination something like this:

  • Multi-colored. That is, each of the fingers is painted alternately, sometimes black, sometimes red.
  • Crackle. This is a special varnish that, when dried, cracks in the form of different figures. Here you can make the base black, the top scarlet, or vice versa.
  • "Louboutin". An option where the plate is covered with black from the face, and red from the inside (the regrown area).
  • Gradient. Smooth transitions of these tones will look beautiful on nails of any length. The effect is like an ombre on hair.
  • Openwork motifs. They look equally good on either a black or red base.
  • Feng Shui. A combination where on one hand all fingers are painted red, except for the ring finger (it is painted black), on the other hand it’s the other way around.
  • Geometry. The basis is at your own discretion - the drawings are applied by others.
  • Minimalism. The plate is covered, for example, in red, with black dots drawn on top. They can be placed in a chaotic order or in the form of a pattern.
  • Inverted French. In this combination it looks very interesting, solemn and impressive.
  • Animal print . Various stripes with dots, imitating leopard or zebra fur, look very impressive on a scarlet base.
  • Sandy . Technique using themed motifs or lace with very fine powder with viscose. The velvet effect looks cool and very stylish.
  • Floral . Looks very nice on nails. You can draw floral motifs if you have artistic skills, or use special stickers.
  • Artistic painting . If it is done professionally, it looks stunning. This is the most win-win option for special occasions.
  • Marble . It is also called aquatic; this technology produces very interesting and unusual designs.

The anti-thread includes bulky designs with monograms, metal figures, stickers, stones, and 3D flowers.

Possible variations of the jacket

This option is very successful in creating evening and formal looks. This coloring is one-dimensional and fascinates and surprises. And since both shades are considered bright and catchy, they need to be combined correctly and very carefully in a jacket.

Several options for making a stylish, fashionable jacket in black and red tones:

  1. We make the base using traditional techniques, and decorate the grown ends in bright contrasting colors.
  2. Reversed lunar. In addition to the regrown edges, we cover it with one of the contrasting shades, including the socket area. The smile line can be made straight or broken.
  3. A gradient transition to the smile line looks solemn and elegant.
  4. You can add any other color that matches them.
  5. Design one or more plates using a technique different from French.
  6. Decorate part of the regrown plate (only in moderation) with sparkles, liquid stones, broths, stones, mica, and foil.

One of these multifaceted jackets will look great on both short and long nails.

Corner French:

A trend in recent years, including this season, is the unusual shape of the hole. Show your imagination, draw it diagonally, in the form of a broken line, a triangle, or a concave one. Don't be afraid to change its size.


It is not at all necessary to have the skill of an artist to create geometric shapes on your nails. They can have both clear outlines and blurred ones. It all depends on your imagination. The geometry on the nails looks unique.

Such variations are often chosen by both already established business women and very young students. Let's consider one of the options for creating geometry - water manicure.

To work we will need:

  • container with water - you can use a regular plastic glass;
  • toothpick or large needle;
  • cream, better fatty;
  • base varnish;
  • red and black varnishes;
  • top varnish;
  • tape and nail scissors.

Process of creation:

  1. First we prepare the plates.
  2. We cover them with a base (transparent varnish).
  3. Now the most important step is to drop the first drop of varnish, say red, into a glass of water. It should spread over the water, if we drip black, the same thing should happen.
  4. So we drip the varnish one by one, changing colors. When there is enough, very quickly (until the varnish dries) we form a pattern with a toothpick, as shown in the video.
  5. We dip our fingers, covered with tape, into the water with a film pattern.
  6. We remove the remains along with the tape.

If there are areas where the pattern is still visible, wash them off with liquid.

Video for you:


Since we are working with two colors, the gradient transition with their combination is very impressive:

  1. You can place them any way you like, but the option where the crimson one will be located on the regrown part, and black closer to the root part, looks especially elegant.
  2. The matte-glossy finish looks cool.
  3. An accent finger with acrylic powder and glitter will look fashionable and very stylish.
  4. Decorate the root hole with several small rhinestones - this will make your manicure more attractive.

On short nails, a gradient transition in these tones will look very catchy. You can level out the situation by playing colors, such as pigmented crimson as a base and spraying black sand or brown sparkles - the effect looks amazing.

New photos of red manicure: French manicure design 2020

The perfect manicure that matches the trends of the year. In bright and deep saturated shades, neat shape and sophisticated design.

Side French

  • We recommend on the topic: spring French manicure: photos of fashionable new products.
  • Colored French: photo, design, ideas in fashionable shades.

Drawings in red and black tones

There are many ideas for nail art designs in this color scheme. You can get creation options from our website, or you can create it yourself if your imagination is well developed. You can draw it yourself or use special stencils, tape, or stamping. With their help, good images of complex and simple shapes are obtained.

It is better to do artistic painting by a master; it requires special attention, tolerance and time. Painting it on your nails yourself is very difficult and inconvenient.

A good approach is to add a third color that harmonizes with our combination:

  1. White-red-black perfect mix. Moreover, it is very fashionable this year, especially in the matte version. By choosing this tandem, you can safely use any manicure technique. Suitable for any woman or girl.
  2. Black-red-pink . The last two colors are very difficult to combine with each other. But in tandem with black, the picture changes dramatically. Suitable for temperamental, passionate, emotional individuals.
  3. Black and red with beige . A successful combination of shades. It can be used on one or more plates.

With gold

A golden hue adds solemnity to any manicure. To make it look brighter and more concise, you can follow our tips:

  • Make the background dim, and choose darker tones; gold will look more expressive on it.
  • You should not wear silver jewelry on your hand with this manicure. They do not mix with gold.
  • Make the shape not pointed, but almond-shaped (can be ellipsoidal). She visually lengthens her fingers.
  • To make the picture more natural, make the background dark red, then matte it.

To create gold decor, the following are suitable: gel polish, rubbing, foil, glitter.

With silver

A very feminine and delicate decoration option. It is considered an example of a conservative style - moderately laconic and bright.

The trend of the season is considered to be options where one finger (ring) is painted silver, and it is also decorated with voluminous silver glitter and pearl rub.

What wallpaper is suitable for a set with red facades

Shades of red are distinguished by fairly saturated tones, which are difficult not to notice in the interior even in small quantities, which can be seen in the photo below. Therefore, designing a kitchen using such a palette requires the use of a neutral palette in order to relieve the tension from the energetic and hot red.

Wallpaper for a kitchen with red furniture should be chosen from a harmonious palette:

  • light shades of gray;
  • white;
  • creamy, milky, creamy;
  • beige.

These tones will be the perfect backdrop for a bright set. It is better to use them in a monochromatic solution so as not to distort the composition. Any pattern will make the interior too colorful in combination with red furniture. It is especially dangerous to use patterns in a small kitchen.

The choice of wallpaper for the background, of course, is not limited to the listed tones. You can use their shades, as well as light coffee and wood surfaces. Wooden finishes harmonize with any palette, but in combination with red tones it is better to use only light wood shades, as in the next photo.

If the space of the room allows, then at a distance from the set with red facades, you can paste accent wallpaper, for example, in a combined living room or dining area. This design uses photo wallpaper or a material with a background or pattern that matches the shade of the furniture.

Options for using an accent wall or section of it can be as follows:

  • The dining area or living room is distinguished not only by color, but also by the levels on the ceiling, walls, and floor. To make this stand out, use wallpaper to match the main color of the walls, but with a pattern in the shade of the kitchen.
  • At a significant distance from the work area, you can cover the walls with red wallpaper, and the pattern on them should be in the same tone as the main color, as in the next photo.
  • You can also highlight a zone using wallpaper on the ceiling, continuing the accent strip from the wall.

When choosing wall coverings for your kitchen, pay attention to the fact that red will enhance the texture of plain wallpaper. That is, their design will also become brighter than it already is, so it is not recommended to choose a material that has significant color variations.

We use decor for decoration

This season is considered the most loyal in comparison with all others. Today you can choose and implement any nail art ideas, except those that are too annoying to the eye, for example, neon tones.

All known decorative decorations are suitable for our color combination:

  • Kamifubuki. Confetti of various sizes, coated with gel polish, looks harmonious, colorful, and fashionable. Suitable for both everyday wear and celebrations.
  • Rhinestones. And these decorations have not lost their relevance this season. Can be used as an independent decor or in combination with other elements.
  • Rubbing. A lot of pigments have been invented and produced. With their help, you can create various effects that perfectly complement our color scheme.
  • Stamping. A new type of applying designs to a finished manicure. Its beauty lies in the fact that the images can be chosen in a variety of ways, from animal figures to lace motifs.

As you can see, there are many decorative elements for decoration. The main thing is to choose them correctly and lay them out in moderation. Don't forget that our style is not very ordinary.

Nail stamping:

To add depth, shine and achieve maximum fixation of a manicure with a pattern, do not forget the top coat.

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