How to remove cockroaches from an apartment forever at home

If you want to get rid of cockroaches once and for all, it’s time to stop waiting for a miracle and get down to business properly. It is naive to think that success comes down only to the successful choice of an insecticide that will immediately solve the problem. Stop believing in advertising fairy tales - in real life it is possible to defeat cockroaches with little loss of life no more often than to win the lottery.

Spraying a toxic aerosol around the house usually only temporarily reduces their numbers, while getting rid of cockroaches forever is possible only through the methodical application of a whole range of different measures.

The strategy should be selected individually, based on each specific situation. In this article, I will try to explain universal basic principles, the understanding of which will help you create a consistent plan on how to get rid of cockroaches in your home environment.

The main secret of how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment yourself

Many people fail to remove cockroaches simply because the individual measures they use are not enough. Removing cockroaches requires a systematic approach, and most people act one-sidedly.

If a person constantly takes medicine for colds, but continues to walk around in winter without a hat, he will become chronically ill. In the fight against cockroaches, the story is similar - it is not enough to simply poison them, other measures are also needed.

I suggest you upgrade your skills in how to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen and throughout the house. To do this, let's gather together all the knowledge on this topic, sort it into sections and think about how to apply it correctly. This way we will learn to approach things strategically, as experienced exterminators recommend.

Let's start with the very essence - what the foundation of the strategy will be built on. In the language of Marvel comics, Prussians are distinguished by two super properties that make them seem so invincible:

  1. Extraordinary survivability
  2. Ability to easily move from one apartment to another

If you can neutralize these two trump cards , this will be the key to how to get rid of cockroaches in the house once and for all. By and large, all our efforts should revolve around this goal.

To understand how to achieve it, let’s break the task down into its component elements, from which everyone can then assemble their own algorithm of actions, based on their own conditions.

First, let's look at what makes cockroaches so tenacious and ubiquitous, and also note their vulnerabilities.

Conventional methods of controlling arthropods

At home, you can exterminate arthropods using inexpensive means. The following work effectively in the fight against cockroaches:

  • Boric acid powder, borax;
  • Strong-smelling products: essential oils, ammonia, vinegar essence;
  • Freezing.

Food baits are prepared using boric acid. Add mashed potatoes and egg yolk to the powder. Balls are formed and placed in the habitats of the Prussians.

Attention! The method has been used since the 90s! Insects mutate and develop resistance to chemical compounds. To obtain a visible result, it is necessary to use several methods of exterminating arthropods simultaneously!

Before removing the cockroaches yourself, do a thorough cleaning and fix any plumbing problems. Unhindered insect access to water, crumbs under furniture and scattered cereals in cabinets attract cockroaches more than acid balls!

Washing floors and surfaces with the addition of vinegar, ammonia, concentrated oils of tangerine, lavender, and lemongrass helps drive insects out of the apartment. Cockroaches cannot tolerate the strong smell and migrate to their neighbors. This method is not applicable when living in a house with allergies, patients with bronchial asthma, pregnant women and small children! The freezing method allows residents of rural areas to kill cockroaches. The main condition for the physical method of pest control is a stove in the house instead of pipe heating and the cold season. After cleaning, the home is left for 2-3 days, the doors of the house are left open. Low air temperatures have a detrimental effect on arthropods. In apartment buildings, you can take household appliances out into the cold for several days.

Effective insecticides for self-disinfestation

The fight against cockroaches at home is limited to the use of dusts, aerosols, gels, sprays and crayons. Glue traps are widely used as bait. Substrates are placed behind the stove, under the sink and under the bathtub. Insects are tightly glued to the base. Change the trap when filled with arthropods.

Important! Glue-based traps are not able to effectively fight and completely rid your home of harmful insects! In some cases, they lure Prussians away from their neighbors, which will increase the number of individuals in the apartment!

Sprays provide instant results. They allow you to quickly kill arthropods. Most drugs are odorless. This does not mean that when disinfesting yourself you do not need to use personal protective equipment. Remove food, hide utensils, and spray chemicals in areas where arthropods frequent. Sinuzan and Reid have proven themselves well.

Gel-like insecticides have a prolonged effect. They are based on active ingredients that do not lose their activity for up to 5 months. Apply the gel around the perimeter of the apartment, behind the toilet, under the bathtub. The insect dies from eating the chemical, and also carries the insecticide on its legs to the places where the insects are most concentrated. Gels work effectively:

  • Clean house;
  • Fas;
  • Forsyth;
  • Absolute.

Apply the gel to hard-to-reach places if there are small children in the house. Curious family members may taste the poisonous substance, which can have dangerous consequences.

Crayons are considered low-toxic insect killers. Before fighting cockroaches, carefully read the instructions for the drug. You cannot “draw” with chalk in cabinets with dishes or food products. The drugs Domovoy, Chisty Dom, Mashenka work effectively. Use them as a preventative rather than a primary means of baiting arthropods.

If there are small children in the house, it is recommended to poison cockroaches using safe means. Pyrethrum is a powdered insecticide based on chamomile. This is a low-toxic drug of natural origin. The powder is sprinkled on baseboards around the perimeter of the home, behind cabinets and under the sink. The drug is highly effective and works for up to 4 months.

Why are cockroaches so tenacious?

Red cockroaches owe their species resilience to a number of biological features that nature has endowed them with.


The main reason why cockroaches love to live in people's homes is that we have the same food preferences. The products we eat suit the Prussians 100%.

But unlike us, cockroaches are much less picky. They will happily snack on old cookies that have fallen under the sofa or the remains of dinner from dirty dishes. Rotten, rotten, moldy - they do not disdain anything. In extreme cases, cockroaches can chew on a bar of soap, dry glue under old wallpaper, or even a fallen human hair.

Everyone seems to know this, but few people realize that getting rid of cockroaches directly depends on maintaining sterile cleanliness, especially in the kitchen.

Can go without food for up to a month

Even if you imagine that cockroaches will somehow be completely cut off from food, they will be able to withstand this for 3-4 weeks.

Resistance to hunger and unpretentiousness in food allows cockroaches to travel long distances in search of suitable conditions. During the warm season, they reach not only neighboring apartments, but even neighboring buildings, including in the private sector. If you don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches in a private home, this article is for you too.

Able to adapt to insecticides

The body of cockroaches is able to resist the aggressive effects of toxic chemicals. In response to poisoning, their defense mechanism activates special detoxification proteins that neutralize the poison in the insect's body.

Having received a non-lethal dose of the toxin, the cockroach acquires stable immunity to it, and it also passes it on to new generations. That is why today there are entire populations of red cockroaches that are insensitive to one or several classes of insecticides.

Prevention of cockroaches in the house

Cockroaches in the house are a real headache, which is easier to prevent than to get rid of them later. To avoid infection at home, follow certain preventive measures:

  • Remove leftover food and wash dishes on time, without leaving them overnight;
  • After washing dishes, wipe the sink dry;
  • Do not clutter the house and, in particular, the kitchen with unnecessary garbage, including large ones - bags, boxes and drawers;
  • Carry out dry and wet cleaning of the house in a timely manner;
  • Fix pipe leaks in your home;
  • Cover the ventilation openings with fine mesh;
  • Seal all cracks to prevent pests from entering your home.

Traditional methods of getting rid of cockroaches

As mentioned above, the most proven folk method is boric acid . Its particles not only dehydrate individuals, damaging their outer cuticle, but also act as an intestinal poison. Cockroaches carry it on their paws, and when it gets inside, into the stomach, it kills the pests. It is safe for people and pets, so you can safely sprinkle it in places where parasites have been noticed.

from boric acid by adding mashed potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. Roll this mixture into balls and place them in cockroach habitats. The insects should go away on their own after a couple of weeks.

There are a number of other folk recipes:

  • freezing. If it is winter outside, then open all the windows and freeze the apartment for several hours after leaving the room. Pests dislike the cold catastrophically and will die. The method is extreme, so do not forget to take flowers and pets out while the room is being treated.
  • homemade traps from wine bottles. Pour a luring solution of sugar and water inside, and lubricate the top of the bottle from the inside with oil so that these creeping reptiles cannot get out.
  • using baking soda. If you mix it with water and sugar, then when it gets into the stomach of a cockroach, this mixture will act as an intestinal poison.

We will not delve into the topic of people's councils, because the effectiveness of many of them is confirmed only on the Internet. We recommend using more powerful chemicals to get rid of cockroaches.

How cockroaches move from apartment to apartment

Although the social structure of cockroaches is not as pronounced as that of ants or bees, nevertheless, within the colony they live according to their own laws.

Thus, some individuals act as scouts, looking for new locations to settle. In an apartment building, they actively examine utilities, and especially ventilation shafts, in which they can easily navigate by smells coming from kitchen hoods.

Through ventilation, cracks and technological openings, scouts get from one apartment to another. On their way, they leave an invisible pheromone trail, which serves as a guide for their fellows.

In addition, cockroaches can enter through the front door from neighbors on the site, and in the warm season through windows along the outer wall. The higher the level of cockroach infestation of an entrance or an entire area, the greater the chance that they will invade the apartment. One female of reproductive age is enough for her to breed an entire population in the house.

When one of the residents does an insecticidal treatment in his apartment, cockroaches flee en masse to his neighbors. Then another neighbor does the processing and they come back again. This vicious circle is the scourge of old panel houses, and especially small families and dormitories.

Weak points of cockroaches

But cockroaches also have vulnerabilities. Here are the main ones.

Critically dependent on water

Cockroaches cannot live for long without water - a week at most. Therefore, they like to live close to the sink, behind the refrigerator and along cold water pipes, where condensation collects. For the same reason, in houses with a damp basement, residents of the lower floors often suffer from cockroaches.

So, water is extremely important for cockroaches - let’s note this fact. Below we will discuss how to use this wisely.

Afraid of the light

Cockroaches are predominantly nocturnal and hide during the day, as light serves as a danger signal for them. Therefore, an important factor for their favorable existence is the presence of shelters in which they can hide during the daytime.

These could be gaps in baseboards and ceilings, loose edges of wallpaper, narrow spaces where door frames do not fit tightly or behind the back wall of hanging cabinets. The more such places in the apartment, the more comfortable cockroaches feel. And in a dilapidated housing stock with dry plank floors and cracked plaster, it’s a paradise for them.

But even with a fresh renovation, if the finishing elements have access to spaces under various panels, cockroaches can find shelter.

Not resistant to inorganic compounds

This is great news for those who are thinking about how to get rid of cockroaches using folk remedies. Borax and boric acid are substances to which they never learned to adapt. Meanwhile, boron compounds, accumulating in the body of Prussians, gradually kill them and also undermine their ability to reproduce. These tools are definitely worth using in your combat arsenal. Later I will tell you about effective ways to use them.

Folk remedies for cockroaches

Among all the household methods of poisoning cockroaches, the most effective is the use of boric acid. You can add it to boiled egg yolk, boiled potatoes (for 3 tablespoons of gruel from the products add 1 teaspoon of acid). From these ingredients you need to make small balls, which should be placed throughout the kitchen (near the microwave, refrigerator, on tables, near baseboards). It is important to wipe up drops of water near the sink and remove the animal drinking bowl. This simple method of using ordinary powder will quickly poison the insects.

A similar mixture can be made from alabaster and flour. The mixture ratio should be approximately 1 to 3 (flour and alabaster or gypsum). You can use a little honey to attract insects. Such natural additives to building materials will quickly attract cockroaches. After eating the bait, the cockroaches in the apartment will die.

Basic methods on how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment once and for all

Now let's get down to business. I will give a list of measures, some of which are mandatory in all cases, and some of which should be applied as necessary. Knowing your situation, select from this list those items that suit you and make a consistent plan from them.

Scorched earth tactics

Firstly, I want to convey to you a very important idea: the most effective weapon against cockroaches is not insecticides or folk remedies. The best way to protect against them is to keep your home clean !

It sounds trivial, but this is what most people neglect, and in vain. I have done treatments in thousands of apartments, and I know what I'm talking about. You can’t even imagine how different people’s concepts of cleanliness are.

Sometimes clients are surprised: “We don’t seem to be dirty, and why do we have so many cockroaches...” But I touch my finger to the countertop and feel how it sticks - there is a century-old greasy coating there. And the gas stove and microwave are in the same condition. I look under the cabinets, and there is a dirty fork, a dried crust of bread, a sausage casing and a bunch of other things lying there. Furniture hinges and the elastic of the refrigerator door are strewn with stains of cockroach feces, from which a specific smell emanates. And I see a similar picture on every second application. People who are accustomed to living in such conditions do not seem to notice this dirt and sincerely think that theirs is clean.

If you really want to get rid of cockroaches, stop feeding them! Remember that they are omnivores, and with low standards of home hygiene they will always have an abundance of food. So be prepared to rethink your cleanliness habits.

Start with general cleaning: rip out the floor until it shines, including under the refrigerator and furniture; Wash all kitchen surfaces so that there is no sticky residue or other food contaminants left anywhere. Make it a rule to clean out your kitchen every week. Do not accumulate dirty dishes; train yourself to wash them immediately after eating.

Another problem is improper storage of food. Many people have open packages of cereal, tea, pasta, spices, cookies, etc. on their shelves, and cockroaches can easily enter there. In such conditions, it is easy to catch some kind of intestinal infection.

Keep all bulk foods, nuts and flour products in tightly closed containers (plastic or glass). Make sure that there are no particles of spilled cereal or sugar left in the drawers and on the shelves.

So, the first thing you need to do is clean your apartment and deprive the cockroaches of food. Let's call this a scorched earth tactic.

"No alcohol law"

Not in the literal sense, of course, but in the sense of fighting dampness. Every night cockroaches crawl out in search of life-giving moisture, without which they quickly die. If you block their access to water, the survival rate drops sharply, and this makes other parallel measures more effective.

One small drop of water is enough to feed dozens of cockroaches. Therefore, it is important to carefully check and dry all potential watering areas: sinks, faucets, splashes on countertops and floors. Wipe it all dry at night and do not leave wet sponges and rags exposed.

Inspect water pipes for leaks and repair them if necessary. If your cold water pipes are metal and condensation collects on them, then the only option is to replace them with PVC. Don't leave bowls of water and pet food out overnight if you don't want cockroaches to feel like pets too.

The second important point of a winning strategy is to leave cockroaches without water and thereby weaken their vitality.

Deprive them of communication

The more cockroaches there are in the house, the more brazenly they behave. They feel a high concentration of odor, which is emitted by the accumulated products of their vital activity, and this gives them a feeling of security. Because of this, they even stop being afraid of the light and begin to calmly walk around in broad daylight.

To turn the situation around, it is necessary to eliminate the main means of their communication – smells. This again requires regular wet cleaning using detergents. Do not allow cockroach excrement and pheromone secretions to accumulate in any places; constantly wash problem areas. Usually these are furniture hinges and doors of kitchen cabinets, crevices of baseboards, baguettes. Sometimes cockroaches inhabit the sealing gum of the refrigerator, the internal areas of the washing machine, microwave oven and electric stove.

If you carefully remove the smells of cockroaches in the house, this will disorient them and will serve as a preventative against the arrival of more and more saboteurs.

Another preventative measure is to eliminate the cracks in which they accumulate and breed. This may require cosmetic repairs. Note where cockroaches like to hide most in the kitchen: cracks under a suspended ceiling, in baseboards, under the wall panels of a kitchen apron, or maybe inside a hollow plastic base. Block their access to such places using sealant or building mixture.

The fewer hiding places cockroaches have in the house, the easier it is to fight them.

Block entry points into the house

One of the main problems is the mobility with which cockroaches migrate between neighboring apartments. As a rule, they have established routes that are marked with their pheromones. If at least one of the neighboring apartments is infested with cockroaches, it can be extremely difficult to protect yourself from their pilgrimage.

The ideal solution is to come to an agreement with all adjacent neighbors and exterminate pests together. This approach would prevent the massive movement of cockroaches from apartment to apartment and speed up their destruction.

But, sadly, in most cases it is easier to make major repairs in your apartment than to come to an agreement with all your neighbors. Repairs may indeed be necessary if there are cracks or holes in the ceilings, and cockroaches scurry through them, like in the subway. In such a situation, there is nothing else left to do but to strip everything down to the bare walls and concrete floor, and fill all the cracks.

But more often it is enough to seal the ventilation holes with a fine mesh, seal the cracks around the risers and replace the rubber seal on the front door.

Here you need to act according to the situation, taking into account the technical condition of both the apartment itself and the building as a whole, as well as the degree of cockroach infestation of neighboring apartments. Let’s say, if you haven’t had any renovations for 20 years, and an alcoholic neighbor lives next to you and has a breeding ground for insects, then a solution comes naturally.

Insecticides: aerosols - no, liquid concentrates - yes

At first glance, aerosol insecticides seem convenient and effective. You don’t need to dilute anything, just spray and the cockroaches immediately drop dead. But the problem is that aerosols have absolutely no aftereffect. Yes, at first, cockroaches do die quickly, but only those that you notice and directly spray. And those who were hiding in the cracks received a non-lethal dose and survived.

Let me remind you that non-lethal doses of insecticide provoke immunity in cockroaches. After a while, the cockroaches will breed again, and you will have to buy the drug again. And somewhere around the fourth or fifth time, you suddenly discover that the product has completely stopped working, the cockroaches have become insensitive to it.

Such resistance subsequently creates problems even when disinfested with professional preparations. So in the end, aerosol products do more harm than good.

Therefore, give preference to concentrates for spray preparation, which retain their effect for 3-4 weeks after use. Due to the long after-effect, such products destroy more insects, including even those that hatch from eggs. In this case, it is important to follow the instructions for the drug and carefully treat all surfaces of the contaminated room.

What to do if the insecticide doesn't work

If you did everything correctly, but the drug still showed low effectiveness, perhaps the fact is that this population is resistant to it. In today's realities, not a single drug is immune to possible resistance of cockroaches.

There is only one scientific way to overcome resistance - alternate the use of drugs from different groups. But pay attention - you need to alternate not just drugs with different names, but precisely the chemical groups of the active substance, which is indicated in the composition of the product. The most common drugs are based on the following groups:

  • Pyrethroids: cypermethrin (including alpha-, beta-, zeta-cypermethrin), deltamethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, tetramethrin
  • FOS: chlorpyrifos, fenthion, malathion, diazinon
  • Carbamates: propoxur, methomyl, carbofuran
  • Neonicotinoids: imidacloprid, acetamiprid, thiacloprid, thiamethoxam

If, say, a product containing deltamethrin did not help you, then during the next treatment, choose a drug from the group of neonicotinoids or FOS.

Methods for getting rid of cockroaches at home: what scientists say

There are many ways to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment, but far from all of them work. Let's talk about three groups of funds that scientists approve.

Traditional methods. Very often, folk remedies are useless in cases of serious infection at home, but there are exceptions. For example, among natural methods of getting rid of cockroaches, scientists highlight boric acid and homemade traps.

Chemical ready-made products. They can be divided into 3 categories: traps, poisons and aerosols (killers). When choosing one method or another, remember that the colony will live while new individuals hatch from the clutches. To eliminate an entire colony, it is better to use products in combination.

Call an exterminator. If you can’t get rid of pests on your own, scientists recommend contacting a special insect extermination service. This will be more effective because exterminators use professional preparations - more powerful than what is available to customers in stores.

Chemical ready-made products

In stores you can find a variety of types of chemicals for cockroaches:

  • Poisonous baits;
  • Traps for cockroaches with poison (bait stations);
  • Sticky house traps;
  • Aerosols;

Poisonous baits for cockroaches

They are sold in supermarkets in the form of syringes with gel (~50 rubles for 2 syringes) or in dry form (sachets). Gel against cockroaches is rightfully considered the most effective method of combating them. It must be applied to flat surfaces and not washed off for a long time. The cockroaches should go away in about two weeks, after which you need to wash off the gel and disinfect the surface. You will find dead individuals for a long time, throughout the apartment. The most popular today are gels under the brands “Raptor”, “Clean House”, “Dohloks”.

Gel Raptor against cockroaches

Buying Raptor against cockroaches can only be recommended to those people who do not have pets or have the opportunity to give away a pet for a while. “Raptor” is far from the most toxic of the cockroach products on the CIS market, but it has virtually no odor and the composition can get into an animal’s mouth completely by accident.

Price: 256 rub.

Gel Dohlox Premium against cockroaches

Dohlox gel consists of 98% bait and only 2% directly from diazinon poison. The gel is sold in the form factor of a syringe with gel; the syringe is enough to treat one room, but its effectiveness is quite high. Among the shortcomings, perhaps, we can highlight the high consumption, which results in significant expenses. However, in the matter of getting rid of pests, saving is unnecessary.

Price: 270 rub.

Gel Clean House

Gel against cockroaches “Clean House” , according to customer reviews, is famous for its particular effectiveness. The effect of using a gel produced in the form factor of a tube with a gel-like paste is especially noticeable when there are not many cockroaches and they have not yet had time to “take root” in your living space.

“We used different gels against cockroaches at home, but they either dried out quickly or somehow did not work well. In desperation, I bought “Clean House” and simply painted it along the shelves in the kitchen with a dotted line as usual. As I understand it, cockroaches share it with their relatives - there really were fewer of them after a week. I still see some, but this is progress. I will continue to use it.”

– shared Natalya M.

Price: 50 rub.

Cockroach Traps - Baited and Sticky Houses

Cockroach traps (stations) with bait are boxes with poison that act as follows: the pest takes the poison and brings it to its habitat, infecting its fellows. They are inexpensive (from ~230 rubles for 2 pieces) and are effective against cockroaches and other household pests: woodlice, silverfish.

The Raid and Raptor traps were incredibly popular in the early 90s, but over time their sales fell. Like offerings from other manufacturers, such products are more effective in areas where there is a small concentration of cockroaches. Prussians are social insects, and, no matter how strange it may sound, information about the harmfulness of a set trap quickly spreads throughout the colony and the effectiveness of the trap is significantly reduced.

Combat SuperBait cockroach trap

“Kombat” cockroach trap also appeared on sale quite a long time ago, but although the operating principles of it and the products described above are similar, the poison contained inside the container differs; in the “Kombat” it is more effective. Regular use of Kombat traps, however, will not be effective, but to reinforce the effect, installing 1 trap for every 10 square meters of the apartment will not be superfluous.

There is also an alternative to “Kombat” - inexpensive automatic traps for cockroaches. Something edible is placed in the center of such a trap, which can attract insects. They will be able to get inside, but they won’t be able to get out. If you place a trap with caught insects in hot water, they will quickly die. This trap can be used in hard-to-reach places: under the refrigerator and between walls and household appliances in the kitchen.

Price: 544 rub.

Sticky house traps

Sticky house traps are cockroach traps with a sticky backing. The glue is impregnated with a fragrance, which will lure the pest into the trap. Climbing inside, the cockroach sticks to the base. If you have a lot of parasites in your home, then you will have to change this bait often. Such products are best used in combination with poisonous baits or as a means of monitoring the number of cockroaches in the house. Such traps cost from 60 rubles. per piece, but bait stations are still more popular than sticky houses. So, the user shares his feedback:

“Sticky cockroach traps, of course, are cheaper than those with bait, but they seemed to me a weak remedy. It will catch a few, but this is too little help if there are a lot of Prussians in the house. So I’m for “Kombat” - I personally watched how the red-haired bastard drags a piece of bait from there somewhere behind the closet. And it’s safer than just leaving drops of gel everywhere - my dog ​​won’t be able to climb into the station and lick the poison.”

Price: 544 rub.

Aerosol repellent for cockroaches

Aerosols are one of the traditional means used by people who are thinking about how to get rid of cockroaches. Aerosols are highly effective, however, their use requires compliance with safety precautions, since they are toxic and can harm home residents and pets.

The most famous aerosol in Russia against all types of “domestic” insects is dichlorvos. These products fight ants, bedbugs, cockroaches and beetles. But its effectiveness is debatable. Dichlorvos works more like a repeller, and as soon as traces of dichlorvos disappear, pests can return to the apartment.

Raid - aerosol against cockroaches

Another striking example of an aerosol against cockroaches is “Raid” . By the way, a lot of insect control products are produced under this brand. Unlike classic dichlorvos, "Raid" does not have a pronounced unpleasant odor, and it is also less toxic. You can buy Raid aerosol at almost any retail outlet that offers household chemicals, and instructions for using the product are printed on the bottle label. It was this aerosol that became the best replacement for dichlorvos in many families:

“I used dichlorvos before, but then I began to notice that it didn’t work. Maybe the cockroaches have already become accustomed to such a remedy after decades of struggle. When I took the raid, I was warned that it was toxic, but it worked. I live alone, so I cleaned the entire apartment on Friday and immediately left for the whole weekend. When I returned, there were a couple of dozen dead Prussians in the kitchen. And then I found new corpses. It's a disgusting sight, but I'm very glad that everything worked out. If I have to, I’ll do this treatment again. And there’s no need to call specialists!”

Price: 235 rub.

Tip #1: Almost all aerosol products are used according to the same scheme: first you need to remove indoor plants from the room, isolate food products, remove animals and household members, then put on a respirator and spray the aerosol in places where insects are expected to accumulate. Next, you leave the apartment and wait, preferably 20-30 hours.

Tip #2: Products can be used in combination, but not all at once. It is better to gradually try all the methods of getting rid of cockroaches, choosing the method that is most effective in your particular case. Otherwise, by simultaneously painting all the corners in the apartment with “Masha”, splashing it with aerosols, and then also inviting exterminators, you may achieve the desired effect, but you will cause a lot of harm to yourself and your household, because cockroach repellents are not always safe, especially factory

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