How to use baguettes for paintings and mirrors as decoration

When creating the interiors of modern houses and apartments, designers are always in search of new ideas, and often use traditional materials in a new, non-standard role for them. The baguette, whose main purpose is to frame works of art, was no exception.

For us, baguette is primarily associated with picture frames and mirrors. And many do not know what creative potential and possibilities this amazing material hides within itself! In this article we will share with you a new look at the use of baguette in room decor.

Using baguette in wall decor

The closest solution to using a baguette to the original one is to use a baguette to decorate niches. In classic interiors, framing niches with baguettes can be an elegant solution for room decor. Baguette can be used to frame decorative niches, niches with sconces or mirrors. Where the use of standard molding is not enough, and a more precise, individual stylistic approach and the use of certain decorative patterns are required, baguette serves as an excellent solution.

Using baguette in ceiling decoration

Sophisticated and discerning clients will certainly appreciate such a solution as ceiling decor using baguette. You can use a baguette to decorate the ceiling around the perimeter or to accentuate the lighting area, as well as to create complex decorative compositions from one or several types of baguette.

Ceilings without baguettes: this rarely happens

It would seem that enough arguments have been given in favor of baguettes, but, nevertheless, ceiling plinth is not always appropriate.

Still, the main purpose of a baguette is to hide curvature, which is most often found as a result of budget repairs.

In ultra-modern styles this is not always necessary, since the planes are almost perfect.

As a rule, baguettes are not glued to a multi-level ceiling, since they are superfluous there

When they don't glue the baguette:

  • On multi-level ceilings, baguette does not always look good;
  • If the walls and ceiling are painted;
  • Any baguette lowers the ceiling a little;
  • Depends on the taste of the owner of the house or apartment.

This can be debated for a long time, so whether or not to glue a baguette to the ceiling is everyone’s business.

Framing deep niches with baguette

You can also use a baguette to decorate deep niches, which can contain art and collectibles. This solution will make your interior more sophisticated and will attract the attention of guests to your collection. An effective and at the same time functional solution is the design of niches for placing plasma panels. Not only do you “put together” a TV, DVD player and stereo system, but you also get a convenient and aesthetically pleasing storage system where you can place, for example, a collection of discs.

Bed headboard design using baguette

Framing the headboard with a baguette looks very elegant. At the same time, you can decorate both a wall-mounted headboard and a regular one. The right combination of baguette and headboard upholstery fabric will allow you to achieve a truly luxurious look for your bedroom.

Also, sometimes it is not the headboard itself that is designed, but the whole area of ​​the wall behind it:

Foam ceiling molding: the best option

There are baguettes: wooden, plastic, plaster, polyurethane...

But perhaps the best option is a foam baguette. It's cheap and looks very presentable. Any ceiling finish will accept this baguette.

Foam ceiling molding is an excellent inexpensive material for decorating your ceiling

Possible ceiling finishing options:

  1. The ceiling is plastered;
  2. The ceiling is painted;
  3. There is wallpaper on the ceiling;
  4. Suspended ceiling;
  5. The ceiling is made of plasterboard.

In all of the above cases, the baguette can be installed without any problems and painted, if necessary, in the desired color.

If the walls and ceilings in the apartment have not been leveled, you should not paint the molding in colors other than white. This will only emphasize the irregular geometry of the room.

Thus, you can safely glue foam baguettes - the decor and design of the room will not suffer, but, on the contrary, will benefit.

Unexpected solutions in the use of framing frames

When creating modern interiors, designers strive to use new ideas, but sometimes they happen to use traditional finishing materials in a new way. A simpler, but less obvious and unexpected way to use baguettes as photo frames, albeit in a very unusual way! A frame is created from a baguette, on the reverse side of which hinges are installed. A cable is attached to the loops, and photographs are attached to the cable using ordinary, stationery or decorative clothespins:

Baguettes in the interior - the most creative ceiling design + photo

You can order your own exclusive version, which will belong only to you! We will make any design for you, including shapes, patterns and colors. With us you can realize any design ideas.

  • 4. Product quality has always been important to the consumer, therefore, in our production we use pure polystyrene, without chalky, carbon and other additives, as a result of which the material acquires a dense structure.
  • 5. Unlike MDF, wood, polyurethane and gypsum, polystyrene is not afraid of moisture and is a moisture-repellent material.
  • 6. Thermal transfer paints are the best technology for transferring any pattern and color to the surface of polystyrene, including a variety of textures of wood, patina, marble, aluminum, gold and silver. This painting method is brighter, higher quality and gives the products a natural look compared to traditional paint application methods.
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    Frames as storage systems

    A similar option is applicable for storing jewelry; in this case, the basis can be cables, as well as a perforated sheet of metal, plastic, or mesh. All jewelry will always be visible, and you won’t have to go through them in the box for a long time, looking for what you need.

    Another unusual solution using baguette for decoration is using a baguette as a basis for creating drawers. This exceptionally luxurious and spectacular technique will be an excellent solution for storing jewelry at home, as well as for salons selling costume jewelry and accessories.

    A few more non-standard ways to use a baguette

    Unusual was the decision to use a baguette to frame shelves for cosmetic accessories, as well as the use of baguette corners in the decor of the dressing room, in the shoe storage area. The idea of ​​such a non-standard use of baguette in interior design can be safely taken from shoe boutiques and manicure salons, because with the help of this technique you can increase the emphasis on products and create stylish interior solutions.

    So, the baguette we all know now appears in a completely different light, acquires new possibilities in the interior decoration of a house, apartment, salon and office, and can become a real highlight of the interior, giving it a unique charm and sophistication.

    In the network of La Gioconda Framing Design Studios, we look at the frame not only in terms of using it to create frames or frame mirrors, but also as a material that has enormous opportunities for self-expression through creativity.

    We will be glad to see you in our salons!

    How to properly glue a plastic baguette

    Let's look at this material in more detail.

    Gypsum decorative molding has long been in deserved demand and popularity. It adds additional elegance to the interior. Today it is used as a frame for modeling on the ceiling and as an element of artistic composition for the implementation of complex design solutions. The plinth is fixed with gypsum mortar, alabaster or putty. A talented craftsman can bring a masterpiece to life from plaster.

    The disadvantage of the material is its fragility and significant weight. Therefore, it would be better to entrust the installation to a specialist.

    Expanded polystyrene baguette

    Expanded polystyrene baguette

    This material, as you know, is considered an analogue of polystyrene foam. But it is more durable and less flammable. However, it is still considered a fire hazard, because... burns completely in the fire. It is stronger than foam, but less durable than gypsum. Expanded polystyrene is easily cut using special equipment, so not only moldings, but also borders are made from it. It costs a little more than foam models, but it still cannot be considered expensive.

    Wooden models

    Types of wooden baguette

    It is believed that wood is the material from which ceiling friezes have long been made. A wooden baguette in the interior will create extraordinary comfort and coziness. For a more environmentally friendly atmosphere in your home, choose ceiling moldings made of spruce or pine. These types of wood are cheaper. To add chic to the room, you can choose mahogany, ash, walnut or cherry.

    Wooden ceiling molding is often installed in rooms with finished walls or with wood cabinets that reach the ceiling. Such a baguette for your ceiling will unite the entire interior into a single whole.


    • environmental friendliness;
    • the ability to create various interior solutions;
    • ease of installation.


    • low plasticity;
    • high price;
    • availability of special tools and work skills;
    • possibility of rotting and deformation.

    The issue of various environmental influences on these fillets is now being resolved with the help of ultraviolet hardening of wood products.

    Aluminum friezes

    Aluminum baguette

    One of the newest trends in renovation is the use of metal elements in interior design. An aluminum baguette will look stylish and appropriate in almost any interior. This material is considered highly durable and durable.

    An aluminum baguette for the ceiling can be made in either gold or silver; it is also made in various shapes and sizes. The aluminum baguette forms an ideal angle, its adjustment is easy and fairly quick.

    Plastic moldings

    Plastic baguettes

    Plastic baguettes also fit almost any design. They are much lighter than ceiling cornices made of aluminum and wood. A plastic baguette for the ceiling is considered inexpensive, but has many advantages. They have a uniform structure, do not rot, do not fade or change color, are easy to cut, and are durable in use.

    Polyurethane fillets

    Polyurethane baguette

    This material is also very popular today. Unlike plaster and wood structures, polyurethane ceiling cornice is lightweight. At the same time, it is very durable and will serve you for many years. Polyurethane models are not exposed to harmful effects of moisture and air. Thanks to modern technologies, a polyurethane ceiling molding will give the room uniqueness and style. To work with it you will not need additional skills, because... it is easy to install and cut.

    The unique flexibility of the material allows it to be used when decorating ceilings with complex design structures. Polyurethane friezes can be easily painted, which is why designers use such baguettes in the interior to realize their wildest ideas. Polyurethane skirting boards are produced in various styles, such as classicism, baroque, modern, rococo, empire, etc.

    How to make the right choice so that the baguette in the interior looks harmonious? We offer some useful tips:

    1. Wide ceiling skirting boards have more advantages than narrow ones. Their installation will smooth out corners and hide imperfections in connections at the joints.
    2. However, experts do not recommend gluing wide friezes in rooms with low ceilings, because they can visually make a room even smaller.
    3. The range of colors is also very large. Often, modern ceiling moldings made of foam plastic are available in white. But you can easily fix it. Baguettes made from the latest foam plastic are beautifully painted. Moldings made from other materials can be found in different colors.
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