Beige wallpaper: design, combination, choice of curtains, 70+ photos in the interior

beige wallpaper in the interior

Beige wallpaper is equivalent in importance to white - neutral, calming and has a sedative effect on a person (especially important after a difficult day at work or some stressful situations). It's hard to imagine getting tired of such wallpaper. Scientists have proven that beige color stabilizes emotions, gives a feeling of confidence and reliability, at a time when bright colors cause irritation. Let's take a closer look at the types, functions and features of wallpaper.

Benefits of beige wallpaper

beige color creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere

  • Beige wallpaper (for the most part) is of high quality from the manufacturer.
  • A huge number of different textures: classic (matte, glossy, smooth), textile (plush, velor) and embossed (tile, stone, etc.).
  • In any store you can always find several varieties of beige wallpaper
  • Gives warmth to a room, especially with warm lighting
  • Beige color suits any elegant compositions, New Year's decorations, paintings, prints
  • Combines well with different shades of the color palette, it is also used as a softening color in a bright space
  • Very often they have special impregnations that protect against bacteria and are resistant to mold formation
  • Add style to any interior
  • It has no restrictions on the subject of patterns and says “yes” to any ornament, and the buyer can always find something to suit his taste.

Life hack: The beige color of the wallpaper is consistent with high status, so you always need to wisely select the fittings in the room, and it is best to consult with a designer.

Beige wallpaper for the living room

Beige wallpaper for the living room is a way out for those who cannot independently select materials to decorate this room. This color will be combined with almost all shades, so any decision you make regarding its combination will be successful.

Often, beige color is chosen by adherents of the classics who do not like non-standard solutions. However, with the right complement, this shade is also suitable for modern and bright interiors.

Beige wallpaper in the living room goes well with brown

Advantages of using beige wallpaper in the living room:

  • Beige color has a huge number of shades;
  • Walls decorated with such wallpaper will match almost any color;
  • Bright interior elements, against the background of such decoration, will look noble, not clunky;
  • Such wallpaper will make a small room visually larger, and a large room will add coziness;
  • This color will never get boring, and if you replace furniture, you won’t have to change the wallpaper.

To make a room whose walls are decorated with beige wallpaper, you can use bright decorative elements. This could be blue and turquoise chairs, black furniture, bright red decorative flowers, green vases or lilac and purple curtains.

The living room, decorated in classic colors, is very elegant. For such interiors, white or brown chairs, a sofa and a table are suitable. Textiles can be chosen in beige color, but in a different shade.

Beige wallpaper will be combined with both modern and classic interiors. They personify calm and comfort. If you choose this finish, you will definitely get a stylish and beautiful living room.

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Disadvantages of beige wallpaper

dining room interior in beige color

  1. after a while they may lose their luxurious appearance, most often lasting 15-17 years
  2. it is impossible to carry out normal cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge if the wallpaper is of the paper variety (however, many rooms are prone to dirt accumulation and require regular cleaning)
  3. They look great in expensive establishments, but when choosing a partner, wallpapers are very demanding.

What types of wallpaper are there?

beige wallpaper with floral print in the bathroom interior

In the modern world there is a huge number of different wallpapers for every taste and color, for any design and size of home or apartment. Some people prefer a denser texture, others prefer a “breathable” option and fashionable new items. The market has everything from glitter on wallpaper to marble chips and bamboo inclusions for special seekers. However, there is a line of popular materials, which for the most part are taken by buyers for cladding space in the house.

Vinyl wallpapers. Even they have four varieties: foam, hard, smooth and silkscreen. Vinyl wallpaper is practical and lasts 10 years longer than others, even with rare care.

classic bedroom in beige tones

Paper wallpaper. Most often, a single-layer coating is for budget buyers, respectively, the service life is up to five years. Often they are taken for sizing in a rented apartment or new building, when the house has not yet sagged.

Non-woven wallpaper. This is the best alternative to vinyl wallpaper, the only difference is that it is more elastic and less harmful to humans. As for pasting, there is no need to treat it with special glue.

Textile wallpaper. A roll type of wallpaper, which is created by gluing textile fibers to a backing. Every year they are used more and more often, they are quite resistant to moisture.

interesting design of beige wallpaper with a black pattern

Glass wallpaper. The advantage is that this wallpaper can be used for painting when you get tired of it. Very durable and resistant to various stains and external damage.

Photo wallpaper. Pieces of canvas from a single painting that need to be tightly fastened, otherwise the pattern will turn out crooked and there will be gaps for potential dirt. Photo wallpapers belong to the category of short-lived wallpaper life history, and besides, the design often becomes boring.

beige wallpaper in the interior design of a children's room

Liquid wallpaper. The best product for budget soundproofing of walls. They have a rather voluminous texture and last for many years. Liquid wallpaper is used in apartments where loud music is often played or someone is learning to play a musical instrument.

Light wallpaper in the living room: photo

Light wallpaper will make the room more spacious. They are an excellent backdrop for bright accents and classic decorative elements.

A living room decorated in light colors requires special care. After all, such a room is more susceptible to contamination and wear. However, if you use striped wallpaper in gray or beige rather than plain white canvases, then minor imperfections will be less noticeable.

Thanks to light wallpaper you can visually enlarge the living room

For small rooms, light wallpaper is one of the most successful options for wall decoration. This decoration will make your living room brighter and more spacious. To dilute the beige interior, you can combine light beige wallpaper with lilac, blue, light green or yellow canvases.

The effect of the greatest spaciousness and airiness can be achieved by decorating the room in one color. This technique is most often used in hotel rooms.

Also, light wallpaper in the living room can be complemented with dark furniture and brown curtains. Such an interior will look modern and stylish.

Another interesting solution would be to use aristocratic blue armchairs with white stripes in a beige interior. It is desirable that the curtains in such a living room are also striped.

Wallpaper design

beige wallpaper with imitation Venetian plaster

They like different designs: in the living room it’s sharper, in the bedroom it’s subtle, but in the kitchen you might want some contrast. Therefore, many designers resort to textured beige wallpaper, which conveys the mood of the home and intelligently zones the space.

Delicate beige wallpaper in the living room interior (video)

The living room is the place where we gather with family and friends, so it must be cozy and conducive to communication. To make it look like this, special attention needs to be paid to the design, an important part of which is the design of the walls. You can choose wallpaper in absolutely any palette, but beige walls are a win-win option. They will serve as an excellent background for both bright and calm content. Choose beige trellises, and no one will be able to doubt your good taste.

What is used most often?

  1. Monograms with gold designs (great option for a hall or living room). Beige wallpaper with gold is always a trend, regardless of fashion.
  2. Imitation of relief for plaster. This option is relevant when you make beige wallpaper in the hallway. For example, like this:

beige photo wallpaper in bedroom design

  • Architectural objects, for example, with the Roman Colosseum. Beige wallpaper will look very good in the hallway of a large house or apartment with rich furniture.
  • Exotic branches, vines and leaves, as well as cherry blossoms.
  • Individual elements, for example, peonies, roses, bouquets of flowers.
  • Classic colors (polka dots, stripes).

Beige should dominate the color scheme

combination of beige and gray in the bedroom interior

Many have heard about the successful combination of beige with bright colors, but they often made mistakes. If you want to combine beige wallpaper with paint or other wallpaper in your apartment, then you need to know some rules and taboos that can completely ruin the entire appearance and impression of the apartment.

We say "YES"

a duet of beige wallpaper and blue textiles in the bedroom

The combination of beige with gold, white, blue-gray, marsh and silver colors is ideal. And in 2020, beige wallpaper with mint and turquoise tones, pastel colors, tan, bronze and coffee with milk began to be increasingly used. These colors only add sophistication and richness to the space.

We say "NO"

beige tones do not combine with close colors

Combination with dark colors of any shade, as this makes them too simple and all the luxury disappears, and the essence of the fittings around is lost. Only a small splash of bright colors in the interior is acceptable; they can be part of the picture, but not in large quantities and without drawing attention to themselves.

Life hack: Black and red are two colors that are unacceptable to use with beige wallpaper, they simply destroy the entire atmosphere and color scheme. Also, the fittings should not be in such a range.

Beige wallpaper in the kitchen

The wallpaper harmonizes perfectly with metallic furniture

Beige wallpaper for the kitchen is an excellent choice for the housewife. They don’t get very dirty, don’t become boring and fit in with any kitchen set. For those who suffer from overeating, a beige kitchen is the best way out of the situation, because they calm the nervous system, and the designer will tell you which wallpaper to choose. To make it fresh, you can choose beige wallpaper with large flowers or interspersed with fresh foliage, or maybe plain ones.

beige wallpaper goes well with a white kitchen set

For the kitchen, the panel technique is very often used, when monochromes of different color contrasts are glued onto plain wallpaper, which gives the kitchen a special charm. It is also fashionable to make photo wallpapers, but it is worth remembering that you are constantly cooking there and the air is hot and humid, and photo wallpapers are not the most durable option for this.

Beige wallpaper in the bedroom

white textiles are the best companion to beige wallpaper

The bedroom is associated with something very warm and intimate, which is why many designers choose beige wallpaper in the bedroom. Guests are not taken there, even the closest ones, and no one is surprised by the architectural delights and the ideal shape of the ceiling, this place is sacred, and only for you, so here you need to choose solely according to your taste in order to please yourself.

Golden textiles create an atmosphere of sophistication and chic in a beige bedroom

The beige wallpaper in the bedroom has a harmonious effect on the occupant's condition and, with good lighting, gives a feeling of security and relaxation. You can try different combinations of beige with cool or warm shades that will make the space less boring, but it is worth remembering that beige should remain a leader among other colors.

For a rich option, try beige wallpaper with gold patterns, but then all the fittings should match and not weigh down the space, otherwise it will be too tasteless and cheap. Beige wallpaper for the bedroom is a calm, practical and versatile option that will never get boring.

What color of sofa goes with beige wallpaper?1

is a universal and pleasing to the eye and is very often used to decorate living rooms. This is a suitable way to create not only a discreet environment, but also an expressive one. Here it is important to take into account certain subtleties and not overdo it with imagination.

The shade palette of beige can be cold, warm and neutral. In each of these groups there are many tones with a “departure” into green, gray, yellow, purple, orange, pink and other colors. They can be weakly expressed or intense, which largely determines the selection of sofa upholstery.

Calm, but not faded line

Although beige is most often practiced as a basic background, this does not mean that such an interior must necessarily be monochrome.

  • If the decor is stylized as classic or baroque with golden-beige wallpaper, then a dark brown sofa or with a touch of red brick will look good with it.
  • In a room decorated with a combination of wallpaper in two beige shades - sand and light brown, it is good to place a sofa in a milky color. The final furniture look will be completed by soft pillows with brown stripes or patterns.
  • A sofa in the same tone, but more intense, harmonizes with the beige-orange walls. The right choice would be upholstery in a juicy peach shade, but not dull yellow. In such an interior, light upholstered furniture made with a matching color print also looks impressive.
  • A sofa in a gray-blue or soft lilac color freely coexists with beige-blue walls or with a pink tint.

It is important to remember that if the wallpaper also has a pattern, then its tone should be repeated at least once in the decoration of pillows or any sofa accessory.

For a country-style living room, a small print that harmonizes with the main tone of the wallpaper is appropriate. For example, in a room with beige-gray walls, light upholstery with soft blue flowers or a checkered pattern looks quite nice.

Bright color accents

Since beige wallpaper itself forms a light base background, flashy details in the interior are not only allowed, but in some cases are even necessary. Here the principle of compatibility of related colors is replaced by a game of contrasts.

Such deep shades of furniture as purple, turquoise or electric blue fit perfectly into traditional “pastel” living rooms. Beige-green wallpaper will perfectly highlight an emerald or lemon-colored sofa, and yellow-beige wallpaper will complement a juicy blue, complete with golden ocher-colored pillows.

Techno -styles in interior design generally tend to dilute the ascetic interior with bright spots of color. Therefore, sofa upholstery in red or burgundy will become an expressive element in a minimalist-style room with beige-gray walls.

When experimenting with catchy colors, you must not forget about a sense of proportion and not overload the interior with contrasting elements. This applies most of all to cases where the room is covered with beige wallpaper with a bright colored insert on one of the walls. Here you should be especially careful when choosing the color of the sofa.

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A minute- long video from the Neopolis Kaza channel will be a small addition to all of the above.
Let's see. What color of sofa goes with beige wallpaper?

Beige wallpaper in the living room

plain beige wallpaper in the living room

The living room is a gathering place for friends, acquaintances or maybe even business partners. This is the only place where you can gather with your whole friendly family and spend a comfortable time - watch a movie, play a game, hold a home council. Therefore, it is also worth choosing something that does not become boring and is always pleasing to the eye. Beige wallpaper is rarely seen in the living room, because brighter colors predominate, but over time you begin to understand that it is they that make the interior much richer.

living room design in classic style in beige color

If you have a large living room and you want to make it even bigger, then you can use wallpaper with large designs, patterns or stripes that will “raise” your ceilings. And, if you use a mirror surface, this will expand the space several times.

Simple, patternless beige wallpaper can be used if space is limited. If desired, use a few small inclusions for decoration.

combination of beige pink and black in the living room interior

In any part of your apartment, beige will be appropriate and create style. Beige wallpaper for the hall, office, children's rooms and so on. The main thing is a sense of taste and a quality manufacturer.

How to choose the color of wallpaper for the living room

Choosing wallpaper for the living room is a difficult and very responsible task. After all, the color of the walls directly determines how stylish and cozy the room will be.

The color of the walls should be combined with the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, and even the textiles. Not everyone can achieve the ideal combination; to do this, you need to know a lot of nuances and tricks, as well as have excellent taste and a sense of style.

It is not recommended to choose wallpaper for the living room in too bright colors

If you are not confident in your ability to successfully combine colors, you can contact a professional designer. However, if you use universal shades, then you should not have any difficulties.

You can use plain canvases and wallpaper with ornaments for decoration. It is especially interesting to look at the combination of two types of trellises.

For such a combination to be successful, the wallpaper must be made in the same style. The most common combinations are to use trellises of the same color, with one type being plain and the other having a pattern. You can also choose multi-colored canvases without a noticeable pattern.

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To choose the color of the wallpaper in the living room, you need to draw up a design project in advance, taking into account the color of all the elements used in the interior. The color combination table will help you combine shades correctly.


What kind of furniture doesn't go with beige wallpaper? There is no such thing. They will decorate and make any space more perfect. Many designers first choose the overall design of the apartment, and then the color of the wallpaper. If your wallpaper is already beige, then you can choose any style: hi-tech, grunge, modern, fusion, French or loft. Don’t be afraid that the color of the wallpaper and furniture will match; this can be easily resolved with tone and proper zoning. It is necessary to highlight the accent area with contrasting wallpaper, and the rest with a different tone, but there should be a smooth transition (a couple of tones lighter or darker than the furniture).

beige wallpaper harmonizes perfectly with blue or light blue accessories

Beige wallpaper harmonizes well with accessories in delicate tones - tabletops, cabinets, poufs, artificial flowers, floor lamps, curtains, lamps and other interior additions.

A bedroom with light-colored furniture needs to add dark touches. And gray-beige wallpaper in the interior would be appropriate in this situation. It is better to use non-woven or liquid ones. You should beware of too radical designs if the room is small and there is a lot of furniture. Beige striped wallpaper will look completely out of place in a small room with dark furniture. But gray wallpaper and beige furniture will make a harmonious duet.

dark gray textiles give a beige bedroom a touch of austerity

Furniture in cream, white, lilac, mustard, blue, and green colors also harmoniously combines with beige wallpaper. And also unexpected and beautiful - metallic and gold, but very carefully.

Life hack: There is no need to select wallpaper and curtains of the same color scheme, this simplifies the interior too much. Take the basic tone of bed linen or decorative pillows as a basis. The color of the wallpaper should not match the color of your doors or baseboards.

How to choose curtains

What curtains will match beige wallpaper and complement the interior? It is necessary to choose the color of the curtains, which will match the color scheme of the walls, while a very important criterion is the presence or absence of a pattern on the wallpaper. It is the pattern on curtains and curtains that will help reduce or increase the visual space in the room.

If we are talking about an ornament on textiles, then it should be selected in accordance with the pattern on the walls. If the wall covering has floral patterns, then it is recommended to use floral window textiles in accordance with the color of the buds on the walls.

If there are no images on the wallpaper, then the curtains can be matched to the ornament and color of the furniture, if present. There is a likely situation when curtains against the background of cream walls are in harmony with the color and pattern of carpeting or textiles on furniture.

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Most often, curtains for beige walls are chosen from single-color textiles. Material without patterns will fit better into any future interior, although even here you need to be extremely careful with the choice of color. In the case of smoothly painted and light walls, we select the tone of the curtains with darker colors - dark beige or light brown curtains.

In large, spacious, well-lit rooms, for example, living rooms, it is permitted and appropriate to use curtains made from materials with the addition of lurex or other shining elements that will give the interior some color.

What color should I choose window textiles for beige patterned trellises? This is a rather difficult process. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to proceed from the type of pattern on the wallpaper. Experts would recommend a combination of plain curtains of any rich color. It is better if the color of the curtains matches the color of the ornament on the wallpaper. Thus, you can create a lively and bright interior, providing a holistic and harmonious design.

A large part of the apartments have brown furniture. This is due to the fact that most of us, buyers, purchase sets of furniture made from real wood or sets that look like wood. How to choose the right curtain for beige wallpaper and brown furniture?

Under such circumstances, it is necessary to take into account the color and pattern not only of wallpaper and furniture, but also of all interior components. It can be assumed that the walls of the home are decorated with uniform beige-colored trellises, furniture sets were purchased in brown tones, and other decorative elements are also made in coffee or chocolate and beige shades. If so, then choose a curtain color that matches the color of the furniture or is a little darker, perhaps a couple of shades brighter than the wall covering.

The colors of curtains and wallpaper should not be the same: if you stick to the same palette, then you need to use several tones of the same color scheme. Thanks to this window decor, you can provide smooth transitions that emphasize comfort and coziness. It is better not to create accents by combining unmixed colors; in this case, curtains will be superfluous.

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Quite often, apartment owners use several curtains in the interior. What to do in this case? One of the fabrics in multi-layer curtains must be the same shade as the wall covering.

What other rules need to be followed?

combination of beige wallpaper with soft pink curtains in the interior of a children's room

It is easier to buy beige wallpaper in any store; their quantity on the product market exceeds others. But being happy with your choice is another story, but if you follow some rules, everything will turn out very well.

  1. Always consider the style of the interior. Beige liquid wallpaper, wallpaper with monograms or flowers are perfect for the classic style. For creative solutions, you should choose a solid color with an unusual texture.
  2. Never cladding with just one material. This method is outdated and the space becomes very boring.
  3. More durable and practical are non-woven, liquid, textile or glass wallpaper. Their service life is up to 15 years, and with good care even longer.
  4. Large wide canvases solve the problem when gluing wallpaper and reduce the number of awkward joints.
  5. Remember that a design is rarely seen up close, so when choosing wallpaper, step back a couple of meters and evaluate the design.
  6. For low rooms, use wallpaper with stripes and textured patterns.
  7. You should find out in advance how to properly care for your wallpaper so that it lasts for many years.

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Such a bright duet - a sofa and an original painting above it - look very attractive in this bright and calm project!

A stylish sofa and matching chairs attract attention no less than a bright table!

And here is a gray sofa in the interior of a children’s room: a stylish room was created for an adult child. :)

Interior ideas

white curtains are a good choice for a beige bedroom

  • Computer technology is everything to us, especially if you want to see in advance what style and texture of wallpaper is right for your space. Any designer will make a layout upon request, where you can place all the furniture and try it in combination with any wallpaper. And some programs are freely available on the Internet for amateurs.
  • It is the symbol of birds on beige wallpaper that makes the interior softer and fills the room with love. Paired birds are a symbol of long-lasting love and a strong marriage. When using birds, you need to choose the fittings wisely (delicate shades and no dark tones).
  • For the sake of experimentation, you can try paired beige wallpapers - add lace and solid colors or something to your taste.
  • Beige wallpaper with imitation brickwork will look good in the kitchen, so much so that some will actually think that it is brick. For such a design you need good joining and high-quality wallpaper.
  • Fashionable techniques. Combining wallpaper by tone and texture. Alternating colors, emphasizing different zones of space with different tones, highlighting some parts of the interior with textured wallpaper, playing with patterns, and so on.

How to choose curtains to match gray wallpaper in the living room interior

Gray wallpaper has recently been often used by designers in living room interiors. This technique is suitable for both modern and classic interiors.

Gray color is an excellent background for most existing shades, so you don’t have to limit yourself in choosing furniture and decorative elements. However, the choice of curtains must be approached with special responsibility, because they are an extension of the wall.

Curtains in pastel shades are perfect for gray wallpaper.

Acceptable shades of curtains for gray wallpaper:

  1. For modern, sophisticated interiors, a combination of gray curtains and gray wallpaper is suitable. In this case, the curtains should be several shades lighter or darker than the walls.
  2. Curtains of rich bright colors can also be combined with light gray wallpaper. Pink and turquoise curtains look interesting against a gray background.
  3. Beige curtains will add tenderness to the interior of the living room decorated with gray wallpaper.

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Textiles play a big role in the design of the living room. If you used wallpaper in gray or beige shades, then the curtains can be of almost any color.

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